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At Advance Canna we’re always seeking inspiration and exploring new horizons in the world of Cannabis culture, so recently we embarked on an insightful journey to Freetown Christiania, an autonomous zone in Denmark known for its counter-culture and openly distributed Cannabis

Located just a short walk across the bridge from the bustle of Copenhagen, Freetown Christiania captivated our team with its unique character, charm, and vibrant atmosphere. Join us as we recount our  experience in this thriving community of freedom and artistry.

With its colourful history, alternative lifestyle, and unique cultural identity, Christiania has become an iconic landmark that captures the imagination of both locals and visitors alike. This self-proclaimed autonomous “Freetown” offers a captivating glimpse into a community that has forged its own path, championing freedom, creativity, and counterculture values.

If you wish to look into the history of Freetown Christiania, you will find it to be dark and grisly, far from the ‘Hippie Land’ you may have heard of. Gangland executions, Biker wars, hard drugs and extreme police clashes have pockmarked the reputation of it in previous years but we can only reflect on the experience we had and we believe that the modern Freetown Christiania is a different place.

Established in 1971, Christiania emerged from the remnants of an abandoned military barracks. A group of squatters, artists, and activists transformed this neglected space into a thriving commune that would challenge conventional societal norms. Since then, Christiania has evolved into a living experiment, fostering a sustainable and egalitarian way of life within its distinctive borders.

What truly sets Christiania apart is its commitment to autonomy and self-governance. The community operates under its own set of rules and regulations, separate from the Danish government, which has allowed it to nurture a unique social structure. Here, visitors can explore a fascinating blend of communal living, creative expression, and sustainable initiatives that span from eco-friendly housing and organic food production to renewable energy projects.


Christiania’s fame extends far beyond its experimental way of life. The neighbourhood has become synonymous with cannabis culture, drawing enthusiasts from near and far. Christiania is renowned for its “Pusher Street,” a bustling marketplace where cannabis and related products are openly sold and consumed. While the legality of these activities is a subject of ongoing debate, Christiania has maintained a relaxed attitude towards the sale and use of cannabis within its boundaries.

Yet, it is important to acknowledge that Christiania’s journey has not been without controversy. The neighbourhood has often been subject to scrutiny and legal battles due to its unique status and the challenges it poses to the Danish authorities. However, despite the occasional turbulence, Christiania has remained a symbol of resilience, counterculture, and the pursuit of alternative ideals.

While Christiania’s open cannabis market may raise eyebrows, it is essential to understand the complex dynamics at play. The neighbourhood has long been a platform for alternative perspectives on drug policy, advocating for the decriminalisation and regulation of cannabis. The community sees cannabis as a symbol of personal freedom, challenging the traditional stigmatisation associated with its use. However, it’s crucial to note that the legal status of cannabis in Denmark remains a subject of ongoing discussion, with Christiania’s approach existing within a legal grey area. Christiania’s journey has not been without controversy. The neighbourhood has often been subject to scrutiny and legal battles due to its unique status and the challenges it poses to the Danish authorities. However, despite the occasional turbulence, it has remained a symbol of resilience, counterculture, and the pursuit of alternative ideals

Visiting Christiania’s cannabis scene offers a unique opportunity to engage with a thriving subculture, observe different attitudes towards cannabis, and witness the influence of counterculture on social norms. It serves as a reminder that communities like Christiania can act as catalysts for social change and provide alternative perspectives on contentious issues.

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Here is our recount of an afternoon spent wandering around the Streets of Copenhagen’s beacon for liberty.

The Foundation for Freedom

As we ventured into Freetown Christiania, we found ourselves immersed in a labyrinth of long tracks and pathways that wound through the town. These paths led us away from the more public areas and deeper into the heart of the community. Along the way, we discovered  beautifully unique homes, each a testament to the individuality and creativity of its residents. From whimsical cottages to repurposed warehouses, every dwelling reflected the vibrant spirit that defines Christiania.

Christiania’s captivating charm extended beyond the main area we initially explored and we found that the town is split across two sides of a picturesque lake, further enhancing its allure. This division adds an element of intrigue and invites visitors to venture beyond the beaten path. We highly recommend allocating plenty of time to truly delve into the complex nature of Christiania, as there are hidden gems waiting to be discovered in every corner.

 Market Square 

Nestled within Christiania, the vibrant market square served as a characterful hub of activity. Here, a cluster of trader huts showcased an array of heady goods and unique souvenirs. We had enough grinders, papers, and other cannabis sundries to keep us going but we bought a special t-shirt commemorating Christiania, serving as a tangible memento of our time spent in this awesome community.

  Pusher Street

Just beyond the market square, Pusher Street beckoned with its distinctive energy. As we strolled along this renowned strip, young men lined both sides, tending to their makeshift stalls. Their calls to passers by filled the air, offering a variety of cannabis products, primarily low-grade flower and Moroccan hash. While the quality may not have met our usual standards, the atmosphere and unique experience of Pusher Street added to the overall charm of Christiania. There are a couple of Bars on Pusher street and in one of them, ‘Fælleskøkkenet’, you are welcome to sit and relax with any Cannabis products that you may have. We spent 200 Dkk (£23) on 1.5 Grams of Green Crack Flower and 1 Gram of the low grade Moroccan hash that every vendor seemed to have. We took some time to chill out in ‘Fælleskøkkenet’ with a joint and some coffee before venturing into other areas of the town.

 The Spirit of Christiania

Throughout Christiania, numerous bars and cafes dotted the landscape, each offering a distinct ambiance and atmosphere. Some establishments even permitted smoking indoors, while all embraced and tolerated smoking in the vicinity. This embodiment of the “power to the people” spirit was a delight to experience, allowing us to engage in vibrant conversations while enjoying the company of like-minded individuals. There is a clear separatist feeling about the community that seems to coincide so peacefully with its more conforming neighbours. As you leave Freetown Christiania, a huge sign stands as a reminder that, ‘You are now entering the EU’

Christiania: Cannabis in Copenhagen

Our visit to Christiania left an indelible impression on us. The community’s commitment to freedom, self-expression, and resistance against mainstream norms resonated deeply with our own values. We were enchanted by the captivating art-strewn  pathways that led us through a web of interesting and unique homes, each reflecting the rebellious and free spirit of its residents. The market square offered a lively atmosphere where we discovered cool souvenirs to remember our time in Christiania. The energetic vibe of Pusher Street, despite its limitations in quality, contributed to the overall allure of this remarkable community

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