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Advance Canna is proud to be an official UK distributor of the Merlin 400 RSO extraction unit along with other products and accessories by Drizzle. 

Save on the expensive import costs from the EU and experience free shipping when you order with us.

RSO Extraction made easy with the Merlin 400

Drizzle was founded in April 2017 by Peter Selmer with the idea of empowering everyone to make cannabis oil at home.

‘Today Drizzle is the world’s first manufacturer of completely automated kitchen appliances for home extracting and purifying cannabis oil. We have set up production and development facilities in Denmark and are steadily growing production capabilities and improving our systems.

Drizzle is in the Danish Medicines Agency four-year trial program for preparing Cannabis oil for Medical purposes. We strive to become the centre for cannabis process knowledge and optimization. We will continue to make data-driven decisions about growth, process, and extraction parameters using chromatography analysis and an empiric approach in every step of the process.

The last few years have been an exciting journey for the Drizzle team. The challenges of developing a novel extraction process, exploiting the potential of 3-D printing technology, and inventing ways of optimizing the production material’s physiochemical properties, have been overwhelming. But we have also felt the joy of succeeding in pushing the boundaries for what is possible when using new technologies.

We have also, in the last years, acquainted ourselves with the cannabis market. For a company with roots in physical science, this has added another dimension to our work. We have been in contact with patients who desperately need cannabis oil to relieve symptoms from cancer disease, for adverse events related to cancer treatment, chronic pain, or anxiety. These contacts have made us realize the many problems and obstacles facing patients, who want to use medical cannabis.

Our experience with frustrated patients and cannabis users has helped shape our mission to become the professional leader for small-scale cannabinoid extraction systems for domestic use.

peter selmer drizzle director with merlin 400 rso extraction unit
Peter Selmer - Director of Drizzle Technologies, proudly exhibiting the Merlin 400 at their facility in Copenhagen
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