Nasha Genetics Cup

Spannabis ‘23 marks the introduction of the first Nasha Genetics Cup. A Cannabis growers competition which sees contestants exhibit their best selections of Nasha strains, in an effort to claim the premier award in a €40.000 prize pool. The overall winner gets their hands on all of Nasha’s available genetics as well as other exclusive strains that would make very welcome residents in any growers garden. 

This first edition is a two day event and focuses on the Gushers line released back in 2022. The range is bolstered with 12 fire combinations, including Hardcore OG Gushers  (Westcoast Hardcore Og x),  Miracle Gushers (MAC 1 X) and Oreoz, Gelato 41, Apple Fritter and Runtz also feature in the broad selection of elite hybrids.

The event is being hosted by RDM Social Club in Barcelona, a private members club in the centre of the city. RDM is very hospitable and has a great community vibe, exactly what a true social club should feel like. I always look forward to a hot chocolate and post-smoke chicken and avocado toastie but they offer a range of snacks and refreshments to satisfy any munchies.

RDM has a lot of space spread across two floors, which makes it an ideal spot for holding events like this. On the basement level you will find a huge glass gallery which exhibits some of the coolest pieces I have ever seen, words would not do them justice. 


Day One

I arrived at the club early, around 3pm and the place was already bustling with happy stoners. I set up Drizzle’s Merlin 400 extraction unit alongside all the other vendors and stallholders, then made my way around to see who else we had in the house.

Cali-Po was holding it down for London town and representing their lifestyle brand whilst sponsoring the event and I found time to catch up with the mind behind the movement. Spirit has been about it for a long time and informed me that he has some cool projects planned for the coming year. We shared admiration for fruity terp profiles and watched one-legged break dancers slay ‘able-bodied’ people. 

Other sponsors and vendors for the event included but not limited to the grow light specialists Horti-one, Athena, 8k Farms and True Canna Genetics.



The Judges packs were handed out, they contained 11 entries per pack and all of them are a strain available in the Gushers line by Nasha Genetics.

I didnt participate as a judge as I was too busy demonstrating the Merlin 400 but I was keen to hear the thoughts and opinions from two of our special judges.

Moss is a video director and the creator of Moss Media. Moss recently collaborated with Nasha and produced the strain Moshers, for which he is promoting a limited amount of feminised seeds at the Nasha Cup and throughout Spannabis as part of his marketing campaign.

I had a couple of the 100mg Moshers Bites which were produced by Bud Bros., I was impressed by both the taste and strength and I hope to see them more widely available at clubs in the City soon. I’m keen to hear Moss’ thoughts on the event and how he scored some of the entries.

Another of the special judges I want to touch base with is Laz, owner of Smoke Loud UK, one of Britains most notorious headshop and lifestyle brands.

Smoke Loud has been holding the top spot in Bristol and the greater South West of England for a long time, active in his community and fully stocked on a massive range of merch.

 Without a doubt, Smoke Loud is the No.1 retailer for Nasha Genetics seeds in the UK, so it only makes sense that the man is here to have his input.

Drew of Drew Smokes was supposed to be in attendance to share his thoughs and contribute to the day as a special judge but unfortunately he was unable to make it. Im not sure what happened to him.


Get your smoke on  

It doesn’t take much time at all before spliff smoke hangs heavily in the air, the ventillation system battling against a smog produced by the hundreds of huffing revellers. 

I find my way through the haze, past trays of edibles and non-medicated munchies and take a seat at the VIP table . Examples of the entries are displayed out on the table and I set about inspecting them, some are really nice but others lack what i would be looking for in competition standard bud.

Before long, ashtrays pile high with half-smoked joints and tablecloths are covered in crumbs from the entries and personal selections. People sit among new friends and old to discuss the strains on display and all thing Cannabis as the day settles in to a heavy smoke session. 

By 11pm, the edibles are doing their job well and after rolling spliff number who knows what, I am absolutely baked and leave to get my head down for the night, whilst I am still able to make the choice.


Day Two

Today is about establishing the cup winner and continuing with a heavy heady jam. All the votes have been cast and the three winners trophies are displayed on a table, gleaming among their respective prizes. 

The whole Nasha team sits alongside friends and VIPs in anticipation of the announcement. Raffle prizes are drawn in the buildup and special thanks are given to the attendees and sponsors.

Finally the winners are chosen from the count, a representative of RDM addresses the room and lists the winners of this years Nasha Genetics Cup.

In 3rd place, Big South Crew took it with a nice selection of Gruntz (Runtz x Gushers)

In 2nd place, Champions Seeds came close to the top with an Apple Gushers (Apple Fritter x Gushers)

In 1st place, Wild Hill Genetics stole the show with their entry of Gushlava ( Wedding Cake x Gushers x Gelato 41). There was no disputing this among the judges and the numbers showed this to be the firm favourte.

This first edition of the Nasha Cup was a lot of fun and i’m looking forward to the next one which will hopefully feature a wider selection of the Nasha strains that have since become available.

Props to the Nasha team for their efforts to make this event happen, it definitely kicked off the week well for Spannabis.


A Spades ♠️

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