Black Friday Cannabis Seeds (Regular)

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Black Friday Cannabis seeds.

Looking for a relaxing strain of cannabis seeds to unwind with? Look no further than our Black Friday cannabis seeds! Our regular seeds flower in just 8-10 weeks and are a combination of Black Kush and Sunday Funday, providing a deliciously smooth and mellow experience. Whether you’re looking to kick back after a long day or simply enjoy a moment of peace, our Black Friday strain is perfect for you.


GENETICS: Black Kush x Sunday Funday

STYLE: Regular

FLOWER: 9 – 11 Weeks


Black Friday Cannabis Seeds: Unwind with Quality

Pride in Quality at Our Online Dispensary

At our online dispensary, a deep sense of pride is instilled in our unwavering commitment to providing the market’s highest quality cannabis seeds. Notably, our regular seeds, designed for a relaxing and enjoyable experience, include the exceptional Black Friday strain. Crafted from Black Kush and Sunday Funday, our Black Friday seeds assure a delightfully relaxing body high—perfect for unwinding.

A Smooth Journey in 8-10 Weeks

Within just 8-10 weeks, our regular seeds seamlessly transform into a deliciously smooth and mellow cannabis strain. Tailored for those actively seeking a tranquil experience, the renowned relaxing properties of the Black Friday strain make it an excellent choice for individuals looking to kick back and enjoy moments of peace. With its unique blend of Black Kush and Sunday Funday, this strain offers a distinct and delightful flavor sure to please.

Suitable for All Cannabis Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a cannabis novice or a seasoned pro, our Black Friday seeds stand as an excellent choice. Purposefully designed to be easy to grow, easy to smoke, and consistently delivering a top-quality experience, these seeds cater to a broad spectrum of enthusiasts. Don’t hesitate – order your Black Friday seeds today and embark on the ultimate relaxation experience.

Comprehensive Selection at Advance Canna

Carefully Selected Regular Seeds

At Advance Canna, a diverse range of regular seeds is meticulously chosen to provide a unique and enjoyable cannabis experience. Ideal for those actively seeking consistency and reliability, our regular seeds guarantee a high yield of top-quality buds.

Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation Options

Our regular seed range adeptly accommodates both indoor and outdoor cultivation preferences. Noteworthy strains such as Terpzookie, Citrus Valley, and Comeback Kush offer distinctive flavors and aromas, ensuring a personalized cannabis journey.

Easy Growth for Novice Cultivators

Purposefully designed with novice growers in mind, our regular seeds boast easy cultivation. Highly resistant to pests and diseases, they require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal choice for individuals who want to grow their own cannabis at home.

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

At Advance Canna, our unwavering commitment to providing the best products and service takes center stage. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is extended to all our regular seeds, ensuring a consistently top-quality cannabis experience with every purchase.

Your Go-To for Top-Quality Regular Seeds

For those actively seeking top-quality regular seeds that are easy to grow and produce a high yield of top-quality buds, Advance Canna is the ultimate destination. Dedicated to providing the best in cannabis seeds and products, we eagerly anticipate helping you find the perfect seeds for your unique needs.


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