Chemonade Regular Seeds By True Canna Genetics

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Chemonade regular cannabis seeds by True Canna Genetics is another ‘TRU’-LY elite strain from its form, to its aroma, to its flavour and smoke. The Chemonade genetics originate from hitting the Grape Lemonade #11 with the Chem Valley Cooks. The Grape Lemonade is a genetic cross between Lem Chem and Grandaddy Purple known for its potent citrus, gassy grapey notes that are exceptionally fragrant. Lem Chem is a cross between Lemon Larry OG and ChemD BX2 provides citrusy gassy fuel notes whilst Granddaddy Purple is known for its deep hues and grapey gassy aroma’s.

Meanwhile, the Chem Valley Cooks terpene profile is made from breeding 3 elite strains with some of the best terp profiles in the game, this cultivar is a 3-way hybrid between Forum Girl Scout Cookies, SFV OG and Chem D. Consequently, CVC combines the baked goods from the GSC, the piney menthol gas from the SFV OG and those signature rotten petrolly ChemD undertones. The sum of these genetics emits terpene profiles that are rich with exotic fruits and floral notes alongside lots of gaseous and baked goods scents, smelling like someone committed arson at your favourite bakery. But rest assured that hasn’t happened and the combination of these terpenes creates something unique and special.

Compared to the v1, the offspring produced by chemonade regular seeds tend to be less citrussy and more fruity berries with a musky kush funk and baked goods back notes.

Additionally, the 2 will stretch significantly more than the V1 and if it is topped it will provide monster yields of epic, easy to manicure, dense, rock-solid nugs. These genetics will grow plants so fragrant that they begin to reek heavily even when in veg. The resin coating is so thick and vast that it will even leave a coating on the larger fan leaves. The terpene profile in this cultivar is lovely and complex, leaning towards earthy, musky, and burnt rubber gas alongside the chem gas and subtle cookie dough notes and baked goods alongside sweet tropical juice. A real beautiful array of terpenes are present in these genetics making it a true genetic marvel that is sure to suit the most discerning of consumers.

This latest drop of seeds perfectly showcases True Canna’s breeding and selection skills and we’re delighted to be able to offer them to you. True Canna Genetics already have a trophy cabinet full of industry awards for their cannabis, and we expect to see that collection grow in the wake of producing outstanding results like this.


  • Breeder: True Canna Genetics
  • Pack Size: 15 Seeds Per Pack
  • Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
  • Genetics: Hybrid
  • Lineage: Grape Lemonade #11 x ChemValley Cooks
  • Yield: Medium / High
  • Seed Type: Regular


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