Citrus Valley Regular Seeds By True Canna Genetics

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Citrus Valley Regular Seeds By True Canna Genetics

Citrus Valley regular seeds by true canna genetics is a hybrid cannabis strain which can be cultivated indoors or outdoors in legal environments. True Canna Genetics advise of flowering times around 8-10 weeks with plants yielding larger than average harvests of heavy flowers.

Citrus Valley is a cross of Terpzilla #7 x Chem Valley Cookies and she has all the terps from both parent strains – That zingy tropical fruit and citrus from the Terpzilla and a kushy, cookie dough finish. Terpzilla #7 is a selected cut of New York City Diesel (NYCD) x Grand daddy Purple (GDP) – two notoriously fragrant strains of cannabis and they give this hybrid high THC levels and an aroma that will get you noticed.

Citrus Valley regular seeds are a beautifully bred cannabis variety that is sure to be very popular with collectors and legally-operating medical growers.

This latest drop of seeds perfectly showcases True Canna’s breeding and selection skills andwe’re delighted to be able to offer them to you.

True Canna Genetics already have a trophy cabinet full of industry awards for their cannabis,and we expect to see that collection grow in the wake of producing outstanding results like this.


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