Critical 4.0 Cannabis Seeds (Auto-flowering)

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Experience the iconic high of OG Kush with Cream Genetics’ Auto-flowering seeds.

With 10 seeds per pack, this strain boasts high THC content, a unique terpene profile, and an impressive yield size of up to 600 grams per square meter. Growers of all levels will appreciate the reliability and consistency of this classic strain. Try Cream Genetics’ OG Kush for yourself and discover why it’s one of the most popular strains around.


Genetics: Critical x Ruderalis
THC Content: 20%+
Flowering Time: 9-11 Weeks
Yield: Medium- High
Pack: 10 Seeds

Iconic Strain: Critical 4.0 Cannabis Seeds

Critical 4.0 Cannabis seeds, an iconic strain, get a feminised touch from Cream Genetics in packs of 10, ensuring confidence for a successful grow.

Potent High and Unique Terpene Profile

Cream Genetics’ Critical 4.0 boasts around 20% THC content for a potent, enduring high, ideal for relaxation. Recognized for appetite enhancement and a distinct terpene profile, it offers notes of pine, earth, and a hint of citrus in each puff.

Reliable Growth with Impressive Yield

Critical 4.0 from Cream Genetics is a reliable strain with a consistent growth pattern. With a 9-11 weeks flowering time, harvest is achievable in a few months. The strain’s impressive yield potential, reaching up to 600 grams per square meter, makes it a lucrative choice under the right growing conditions.

Attention to Genetic Detail

Cream Genetics’ meticulous attention to genetic detail sets Critical 4.0 apart. The strain embodies classic characteristics, appealing to both seasoned growers and newcomers.

Must-Try for Cannabis Enthusiasts

In summary, Cream Genetics’ Critical 4.0 is a must-try. With high THC content, a unique terpene profile, and an impressive yield, the strain maintains its popularity. Explore Cream Genetics today and start your grow with some of the finest Critical 4.0 Cannabis seeds available.


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