DabX Rocket Mk.1

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The DabX Rocket Mk. 1, a weed vaporizer bong attachment, is the ultimate way to unlock the full flavor of your concentrates at the push of a button. It is engineered for massive vapour production and provides the cleanest tasting, perfectly heated dab every time. Whether you are a veteran dabber tired with the hassle of operating a conventional rig or new to concentrates and looking for an easy way to get started; the rocket is going to change the way you dab forever.

This vaporizer will come with a complimentary travel pack of Proswabs

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DabX Rocket Mk.1

The dabX Rocket mk.1, a weed vaporizer bong attachment, is the leading E-nail helping your concentrates reach their maximum potential and flavour. The Rocket has a typical 14mm glass adapter stand, making the device compatible with most rigs and bongs! The dabX team’s ultimate goal was to eliminate cheap metals and plastics, allowing you to have a pure, clean, flavour-packed dab.

You can choose between four intelligent heating profiles for varying concentrates, heating your contents over only 15 seconds. The heating profiles facilitate perfect-tasting dabs. The four heat settings start at 380-400°F, which is the dabX favourite, and the hottest temperature is 440-470 Fahrenheit advised to use for larger rigs, dabs and bongs.

The dabX Rocket Mk.1 is an electronic dab device which promises maximum vapour production. The combination of the ceramic heating plate cleanly and efficiently melting your concentrates and the reverse airflow technology enables maximum vapour for every dab. So along with massive clouds, the rocket mk.1 produces the purest, perfect taste. DabX manufactures the device in aerospace-grade titanium and there’s no plastic near the airpath.

The dabX Rocket mk.1 is equipped with a smart power unit that identifies you are loading your concentrate
onto the atomizer. The power unit adjusts the power level accordingly, guaranteeing a perfect, smooth and
flavourful dab at the optimum temperature!

USA Based Dab X, have engineered the next evolution in the quest for fast, easy, full flavor dabs. Every detail has been relentlessly tested and fine tuned to provide the perfect dabbing experience in the palm of your hand.

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In The Box

The DabX Rocket Mk.1 Box features: 

  • The Rocket Mk.1 Device
  • A Smart Power Unit
  • An Extra Atomizer
  • A Titanium Dab Tool
  • A USB-c charger
  • 3 spare o-rings
  • A 14mm glass adapter stand

How To Use


  • Joint size: 14mm
  • Material: Titanium
  • Width: 7.3cm
  • Height: 8cm
  • Vape Type: Multi-Functional
  • Vaporizer Use: Concentrate/Oil/Wax
  • Colour: Titanium


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