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Dr Dabber Switch – Oil and Flower Vaporizer

Far from average. Dr.Dabber® has worked tirelessly, exploring what is needed most in a vaporiser and disregarding anything we feel is unnecessary for the perfect eRig experience. Spearheading the induction heating movement, we have stepped away from past technologies and into the realm of the future. Buy this dab rig starter kit from our UK store, and take total control over your consumption, without sacrificing performance or power. Say goodbye to replacing your atomizers. Welcome, the Dr.Dabber Switch™.

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Dr Dabber Switch – Oil and Flower Vaporizer

Dr Dabber is proud to release The Switch, a dab rig starter kit, and their first induction heating unit capable of vaporising oil or flower materials with precise power and carefully calibrated temperature profiles, is available now at our UK store.

The Switch was designed and developed from the ground up in the USA by unique team of engineers, scientists, designers and vaporiser experts. The result is a truly unique product that addresses the shortcomings most people are used to with a vaporising unit.

In technical terms, The Switch is a precision directed energy delivery device using electromagnetic field into the induction cups. Advanced electronics are employed to create a high frequency alternating magnetic field. The magnetic field is absorbing the induction cups. During this process of absorbing the induced magnetic field, heat is created.

The Switch can control power to an accuracy of 1%. It modulates the power to precisely control the temperature of the induction cups throughout the heating cycle. These heating cycles are then optimised to produce the best possible vaping experience. During the preheat phase the Switch induces power into the induction cups to get them up to temperature incredibly quickly. In fact, with most temperature profiles, the unit is ready to use within 5 seconds of pressing the GO button.

Utilising induction heating means the Switch has a number of advantages. The induction cups heat significantly faster than any other heating method currently available. They are specifically designed to create an even heating surface temperature with less hot spots, providing a consistent flavour during the vaporising experience. There are no atomizers to replace. The electronics are totally shielded from the vaporisation environment meaning the unit is leakproof.

Dr Dabber Switch 18+


  • Materials: Concentrate + Flower
  • Temperature Range: 25 Temperature settings including a self cleaning cycle – 300-780° F
  • Heat Time: 3-10 Seconds depending on cup used
  • Hits Per Charge: Up to 100 heating cycles on a single charge
  • Charge Time: 1-2 hours for a full charge
  • Charge Cable: Proprietary Charger Cable and Adapter with pass-through charging
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty on the Switch® battery, charger, and electrical components
  • Dimensions & Weight: Height 9.4″, Diameter at Base 4″, Diameter at Waist 2.35″, Weight 37.6 oz

In The Box

  • Switch™ Ceramic Filter
  • Switch™ Charging Cable and Adapter
  • Switch™ Induction Cup Tweezers
  • Switch™ Leaf Induction Cup
  • Switch™ Concentrate Induction Cup
  • Switch™ Replacement Glass Attachment
  • Pro Loading Tool
  • Switch™ Marble Carb Cap
  • Switch™ Battery Pack
  • Switch™ Carb Cap Silicone Seal
  • Switch™ Glass Attachment Silicone Seal
  • Switch™


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