Pure Instinto Cherry Cookies


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Pure Instinto Cherry Cookies is a recently added hybrid strain with predominant indica characteristics, selected for its beautiful pink flowers and sweet, intense flavor. This high-value genetic cross maintains its characteristic purple color, powerful cherry aroma, and abundant resin.

Terp  Profile: Cherry Cookies boasts a sweet and fruity aroma, combining elements of sweet cherries, earthy tones from its Skunk #1 lineage, and a gassy Kush background. These elements create a unique and enticing flavor profile.

Effect: Pure Instinto Cherry Cookies provides a potent high without the unwanted paranoia that often accompanies more potent strains, making it ideal for those with a low THC tolerance. While it won’t leave you couch-locked, its physical effects will make low-effort activities more appealing. Among its effects are relaxation, happiness, and creativity.

Cultivation traits: This strain is easy to grow and has a predominantly indica structure, forming a bushy plant with good branching capacity. Its large leaves are coated in resin, making it one of the best resin producers in our catalog and ideal for extractions. Pure Instinto Cherry Cookies is identifiable by its large, intertwined flowers with bright orange pistils, which are heavily coated in white, pearl-colored trichomes indicating its psychoactive properties. Cold temperatures during flowering may also produce purple hues. It is recommended to maintain a semi-humid environment and a constant temperature between 21°C-26°C for optimal growth. It has a moderate height and produces tightly packed, dense buds, making it very manageable for indoor cultivation. While its buds may be difficult to separate, don’t let that dissuade you.

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Photoperiod & Feminized: Yes
Flowering time 60 – 65 days
Cannabinoids 22 – 24% THC
Terpene profile Myrcene
Aromatic description Cherry, Earthy, Sweet, floral 
Production details Indoor: 400-450gr/m2     Outdoor: 600 – 750gr/plant
Effect Creativity, relaxation and happiness
Pack Size

5 Seeds, 3 Seeds, 1 Seed


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