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Pure Instinto Kings Banner, a powerful strain that leans towards the indica side, is a product of crossing Louie Dom and Bruce Banner.

This highly potent weed is not for novice users, testing as high as 30% THC in some cases. With a unique flavor profile, users can expect an earthy taste with a citrus aftertaste. The sharp scent of pine carries the aroma and fills the room right away.

Smokers of King’s Banner will experience a potent punch that leaves them locked on the couch, while users report a strong feeling of euphoria and happiness. The body high begins with tingling in the head and spreads through the entire body, ending in the toes. This strain guarantees a full-body relaxation.

King’s Banner’s aroma is also characterized by the presence of terpenes such as myrcene and limonene, which contribute to its earthy and citrusy scent. These terpenes not only provide a pleasant aroma but also play a role in the strain’s effects. Myrcene, for example, is known to have a sedative effect, while limonene is believed to have uplifting properties.

Overall, the terpene profile of King’s Banner adds another layer of complexity to its already impressive organoleptic properties. Smokers can expect a full sensory experience when consuming this strain, from the pungent aroma that fills the room to the earthy and citrusy taste on the exhale.

Pure Instinto Kings Banner grows strongly, but it does not stretch as much in flowering as other American strains. This variety stands out for its good production and ability to develop a high concentration of high-quality resin.

Expect to see fairly short and compact plants with a flowering time of 9 weeks. Because yields are heavy with this strain, make sure the plants are well-supported to handle the weight of the buds.

Advance Canna is proud to distribute Pure Instinto’s King’s Banner seeds. This highly potent and unique strain is perfect for experienced cannabis enthusiasts who want a full-body relaxation experience. With its potent effects and good production, King’s Banner is a must-try for those who appreciate high-quality cannabis.


Lineage Louie Dom X Bruce Banner
Photoperiod & Feminized Yes
Flowering time 60 – 65 days
Cannabinoids 23 – 27%
Terpene profile Sabinene, terpinolene, borneol
Aromatic description Earthy, citrus, pine
Production details Indoor: 500gr/m2               Outdoor: 800gr/plant
Effects Euphoria, happiness, relaxation


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1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds


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