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Zoap S1 Feminised Seeds: A Fusion of Excellence

Premium Hybrid Exploration

Zoap S1 feminised seeds present a premium hybrid, expertly merging the best of Zoap by combining the potent genetics of Rainbow Sherbet and Pink Guava. This strain stands out for its distinct terpene profile, offering an explosive blend of tropical fruit, citrus, and sweetness.

Vibrant Flowers and Aromatic Blend

Zoap’s flowers, ranging from medium to large, boast a dense, sticky texture with vibrant colors spanning from light green to deep purple. The aroma is a harmonious blend of fruity and floral notes, complemented by a hint of spicy earthiness. When smoked or vaped, Zoap’s flavor captivates with a delightful mix of tangy tropical fruit and creamy sweetness, delivering an exceptional cannabis experience for those who savor flavorful strains.

Zoap S1 Feminised Seeds Overview

Genetic Composition: Zoap x Zoap

Explore the genetic roots of Zoap S1 feminised seeds, a result of Zoap meeting itself in a unique genetic dance. This blend promises a distinctive and captivating cannabis journey.

Flowering Time and Potency Snapshot

With a flowering time of 9-10 weeks, Zoap S1 feminised seeds offer a convenient cultivation timeline. The THC content ranges from 24% to 28%, ensuring a potent experience. The yield, classified as medium to high, adds to the allure of these exceptional seeds. Each pack contains 5 seeds, providing ample opportunities for cultivation.

Advance Canna’s Commitment

Preservation Excellence

At Advance Canna, our commitment to excellence extends beyond premium seeds. Meticulous preservation methods ensure the integrity of every product we offer. Quality is not just a promise; it’s our unwavering priority.

Beyond Seeds: Cutting-Edge Innovation

Explore our diverse offerings, extending beyond seeds to cutting-edge extraction devices designed to elevate your cannabis experience. Stay informed about the latest developments within Advance Canna and the broader cannabis network through our feature page, highlighting innovation and progress.

Your Journey with Advance Canna

Holistic Commitment to Quality

Choose Advance Canna for a holistic journey into quality, preservation, and innovation. Our dedication to product integrity is the foundation of your satisfaction, whether you’re seeking premium seeds or exploring the forefront of cannabis technology.

Shaping the Future Together

Join us in shaping the future of your cannabis experience. With Advance Canna, your journey is marked by quality, preservation, and innovation — ensuring a cannabis experience that meets the highest standards.

Pack Size

10 Seeds, 5 Seeds


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