Puffco Vaporiser [PUFFCO]

PUFFCO, the cleanest, simplest, and most flavorful consumption experience vaporiser (s) available. No glues, fibers, or chemicals. The most awarded vaporisers and products. Industry-leading innovation, done strictly in-house.


Why settle for anything but the best? Extracts are the future of consumption. The highly refined extraction process leaves nothing but the best parts of the plant, providing the cleanest, most potent and flavorful experience available. Our mission became developing the perfect platform to unlock its true potential.


Our journey began in 2013, when CEO Roger Volodarsky decided he wanted more than what the industry standard could provide. In response, with the mission of providing the best platform for extract consumption, he brought together the disciplines of design, technology, and engineering to create Puffco.


If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself — and we did just that. The industry norm is slapping a logo on an outsourced design for quick profit.

Rather than follow the crowd, we staffed an experienced in-house design & engineering team focused solely on giving every user the ability to unlock the power of extracts. Your device should be designed by people who consume like you.


Before we arrived, most vaporizers utilized fibrous wicks, glues to hold the bowl or coil in place and plastics in the airpath — why settle for a pen that tastes like burnt cotton and toxic byproducts when you could be experiencing solely what you decide to put inside?

We did away with the toxins and developed a safer, simpler, and far more flavorful industry standard. We also added the first temperature controls to a vaporizer pen, allowing you to further dial in your experience.

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