Spannabis 2023 Intro

Hola Espana

The time has come once again, for Europe’s largest and most renowned Cannabis convention, the mighty Spannabis. Recent years had seen the event halted in its tracks by the pandemic but all engines are go for 2023 and its set to be a stellar show, with many industry giants and new startups hoping to turn heads among the booths and stalls at this weekend’s exhibition.

I set off for sunny Spain from the UK, gratefully missing the first British snowfall of the year by a day or so and landing before lunchtime. Afterlearing the airport in good time, I made my way into the City with the sun shining down on me, ready for a week of festivities.

The first port of call was one of my favourite spots in town,  Mon Ami. This private social club, close to the beautiful Arc de Triomfe has a really relaxed atmosphere and very welcoming hosts, I first took a pew here in 2018 as a judge for the IC:Mag 420 Cup and I have been following my feet back on every trip to Barcelona since, never disappointed with the surroundings or flowers.

Their menu is always loaded with terptastic varieties to cater for any taste and the knowledgeable staff are more than happy to discuss the extensive range and their personal preferences. 


Down to business

I sat down with a bag of Apricot Tahoe and set my mind to the week ahead but this trip isn’t all pleasure and as I write this, with a fruity baton burning in the ashtray beside me, I’m planning my schedule and trying to give time for some of the really cool events and activities in between work commitments. 

This Spannabis marks the advent of Advance Canna’s (Re-brand pending) first promotional tour outside of the UK, where I will be showcasing the features of the RSO extraction device by Drizzle at various Cannabis social clubs across the week, including; RDM, GWA, Dank Grass and Aranua.

What is Drizzle?

Drizzle are a Danish engineering outfit and their machine is a very simple and safe to use desktop device that extracts premium grade Cannabis oil from all qualities of material. Its a real game-changer for producing extracts in a domestic setting and will find a lot of appeal with medical patients and anyone who consumes a lot of oil.. Producing RSO can be notoriously hazardous and takes great care in most circumstances but with the Merlin 400 by Drizzle its a easy as pressing a button and and safer than boiling the kettle….and uses less energy.

Drizzle could be considered the leading authority on this style of technology and pioneers in many ways. The team, spearheaded by Peter Selmer, wrote a thesis for the Danish Technology Institute on the relationships between Cannabinoids, solvents and plastics. Many years of research and development have been poured into this device to bring its operating level to where it is today.

It started with the Merlin 400 but I expect to see much more mGic from this wizarding company in the future.


Nasha Genetics Cup

I will also be promoting on booth 302 with Nasha Genetics and their new range of feminised seeds, the Zoap line. This new line has been eagerly anticipated and will be made available at Spannabis along with the other ranges (Hardcore, Gushers, Runtz) but there will be a special pre- release at the Nasha Genetics Cup – Gushers Edition. 

This first edition of the Nasha Genetics Cup, hosted by RDM,  is all about the Gushers line, pitching growers against eachother with their selections from strains available in Nasha Genetics Gushers line. I expect to see some real fire entries for this and look forward to hearing the opinions of special judges Moss of Moss Media (Moshers) and Laz of Smoke Loud UK notoriety.

There are 11 entries competing for a €40.000 prize pool and a chance to get their hands on ALL Nasha’s Genetics.

The week has only just begun and already the clubs are starting to fill with travellers from all corners of the world, here to see what this years Spannabis has to offer. I’m ready for it.

A Spades ♠️ 

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